In July 2010 I flew Delta to Alaska and rented a Cessna 172 airplane at Merrill Field in Anchorage. From there I flew the mountains, lakes, and glaciers of the Keni Peninsula. Next I rented a Super Cub on floats to explored the many lakes and wild areas of Alaska. Alaska is truly a pilot's paradise. There is an abundance of aircraft for rent including tail-wheels and float planes and the prices are fair. I recommend an Alaska flying vacation to all pilots. It's a long way to go but well worth the effort.


First it was lunch at Peggy's Restaurant in Anchorage, where I met Sarah (a really nice lady), and then a pre-flight of the bird. Then it's two weeks of exploring Alaska. On non flying days I rented a BMW motorcycle and rode the beautiful Keni Peninsula.  It's hard to make flying plans in Alaska due to the unpredictable weather. I gave myself two weeks to fly five days. As it worked out, I had ten days of beautiful weather. It was a great trip, I'll do it again.

These are a few pictures taken from the window of the Cessna 172 while flying the Chugach and Keni mountains of Alaska.  A Cessna 172 pilot window only opens a few inches so you must aim the camera down and then roll the airplane on its side to take most pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Circling Inner Lake George before climbing the Knik Glacier.

Across the lake and approaching the Knik Glacier.

Climbing the glacier as it winds through the mountains.

No place to land here.

Nearing the top of the glacier.

Over the top and a view of the rugged Chugach range.

Homer Airport and the Homer Spit

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