The "Young Aviators" Program is sponsored by The Stephen M. Price Foundation, and offers scholarships and grants to underprivileged boys and girls in the areas of flight training and aviation maintenance and repair. The overall goal of the "Young Aviators" Program is to instill a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem in young men and women, who have a desire to apply themselves and broaden their horizons.


The "Young Aviators" Program provides scholarships to underprivileged boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 16 to train to become private pilots. To qualify, a student need not necessarily be a U.S. citizen; however these scholarships are offered in the form of ground and flight school instructional programs taught by our Director of Flight Training in our classrooms located at Craig Airport in Jacksonville, Florida. Acceptance into the program, and ongoing compliance with the criteria, may eventually lead to the receipt of a pilot's license prior to graduation from high school.

The "Young Aviators" Flight School will provide ground school and flight instruction to students who meet and maintain certain qualifications. It is not the intention of this program to turn every student into a pilot, but rather to expose them to flying, and the discipline and commitment required to achieve that goal.

All students applying to the "Young Aviators" Program must sign an agreement with the Foundation, involving several key issues. These issues include the necessity for all students to maintain a 2.5 grade point average in their regular junior high or high school subjects, to abstain from all illegal substances, to observe certain dress codes, to maintain certain academic performance standards within the program, and to perform community service projects, as required.

Upon successful completion of the ground school program, and passing the FAA written flight examination, ground school cadets may apply for status in the flight program and begin flight training. Once in Flight School, the student will receive training that will lead to a private pilot's license.

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