Young Aviators Program
P.O. Box 49245
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240

"Serving Youth Through Aviation"


To provide scholarships and grants to underprivileged boys and girls in the areas of flight training and aviation maintenance and repair, as well as providing physically handicapped children with the opportunity to experience the exhilaration and joy of aviation.

Flights are available, which include the provision of transportation and a medical support staff, to supervise those children requiring special attention.


The Stephen M. Price Foundation is a  not-for-profit corporation formed for and dedicated to providing an avenue into the Aviation Industry for underprivileged boys and girls in Jacksonville Florida, who have the desire, but not the financial means, to train in this field. Scholarships are provided in the areas of flight training and aviation maintenance and repair, with the ultimate goal of future job placement for these youth within the community, made possible through our Aviation Partners. This complete Aeronautical Training Program, known as the "Young Aviators" Program, is made possible through the dedicated efforts of our volunteers; certified flight instructors, aircraft inspectors and aviation mechanics.

We are not a charitable foundation. We do not solicit or accept money from individuals. Our business model is built around an all volunteer organization. Our instructors and staff have never been paid for their services. We have our plan for success and we stick to it. Please don't send us money...we will just return it. Thank you.


After many hours of training, Robert Blair solos and looses the back of his shirt. The significant of cutting the back of his shirt is an old aviation custom that goes back to the early days of aviation training when there were no radios or intercoms and the instructor sat behind the student. The instructor would tug on the students shirt to get his attention. When the student reached the point of being able to fly without the instructor, the instructor would cut the back of the shirt, sign it, and hang it on the wall in the flight school. Our Director of Flight training, Mr. Joel Weaner, is doing the honors to Robert Blair after his first solo. Congratulations to Robert Blair, top of his class and a darn good pilot.


Ivan, our newest pilot/mechanic student gets to check out his skills in our 1948 Piper PA17. All of our students will get their tail-wheel endorsement... if they can master the PA17. If you've ever flown a tail-wheel aircraft, you know what I mean. Ivan starts a cylinder exchange on a Continental IO-550 engine in a Beachcraft. Ivan is a fast learner and knows the value of a good education. He is our "Student of the Year - 06 and 07".  


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